Developer Economics 2014 Q1

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The 6th edition of our ongoing Developer Economics series presents the latest trends in app development, based on our survey of over 7,000 developers. The report features in-depth analysis and insights into the key issues in the app economy, including platform prioritisation, going beyond tablets, trending revenue models, and making the right choices in developer tools.

[UPDATE: We have released a newer version of the report for Q3 2014 – free download here]

The State of the Developer Nation report contains data and insights on the leading mobile platforms (Android, BlackBerry 10, HTML5, iOS, Windows Phone and Windows 8), comparing them across key metrics, such as Developer Mindshare, revenue opportunities, prioritisation across regions, adoption criteria, use of third-party tools, and most popular app revenue models.




Android continues to dominate Developer Mindshare with 71% of developers that target mobile platforms developing for Android.

37% of mobile developers use HTML5 as a platform, i.e. to develop mobile websites, or web-apps.

iOS commands the most loyal developers with 59% of developers that target iOS prioritising it over any other platform.

Tablets attract 83% of app developers but just 12% of developers target tablets as their primary development screen.

60% of developers are below the “app poverty line”, i.e. earn less than $500 per app per month, according to the latest Developer Economics survey.

Contract development is now the most popular revenue model, with 26% of app developers now developing apps on commission.

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