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IoT Megatrends 2016

IoT Megatrends 2016
published on Thursday December 10, 2015
Six key trends in the IoT developer economy

Developers are a driving force in every industry and a critical source of competitive advantage. Every company should master developer ecosystem skills. IoT Megatrends 2016 sheds light on the state of the art in the IoT developer economy, distilling the major data points and insights from our research into six important trends in IoT.The trends in this report span SmartHome, Wearables and Industrial IoT, and explore how they are related. We discuss the interplay of consumer and enterprise technology and list the hottest business models in IoT.

Key Questions
  • What are the four ways that developers can extend your business?
  • How are conversation platforms in the Smart Home challenging the central position of developers and hub vendors?
  • How will fashion brands compete with digital identity, and wearable developers with data?
  • How is the innovation focus in Connected Cars shifting from the dashboard to vehicle data? Ιn the future, will it shift to data-driven transportation platforms?
  • Why will consumer and not enterprise technology be the foundation for future IoT innovation?
  • How will devices be used as distribution channels for industrial services, e-commerce, and insurance?


The 8th edition Developer Economics survey reached an impressive 8,000+ respondents from 143 countries around the world. As such, it is the most global ever research on mobile, IoT and cloud developers and trends in app development. The online survey was designed, produced and carried out by SlashData over a period of five weeks between October and November 2014. 4,000+ respondents indicated that they were involved in Internet of Things development. This report is based on their answers. To our knowledge, this is the largest sample of IoT developers ever, giving us an unprecedented view into the 6 IoT Megatrends for 2016.

Table of Contents
  • Developers are the new baseline
  • Battle of the Smart Home hubs
  • The 4 frontiers of wearable platforms
  • From Connected Car to software-defined transportation
  • Consumer and Enterprize technology coverage
  • The hottest business models in Iot