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European App Economy 2015

European App Economy 2015
published on Wednesday March 18, 2015
Creating jobs & driving economic growth in Europe

The 3rd edition of our European App Economy report series examines the app market within the European Union. The report also examines app-related job creation in five local markets, Belgium, France, Germany, the United Kingdom, and Israel, plus leading platforms, programming languages and revenue models used in these markets.

The European App Economy 2015 report is based on findings from our October/November 2014 developer survey of over 8,000 app developers. The insights from our research include:

  • Total number of app developers in the European Union vs. globally
  • Number of direct and indirect jobs created by the app economy in the EU
  • Number of app-related jobs within the EU broken down by platform
  • App revenues made and revenue models used by EU developers
  • Top platforms, revenue models, programming languages, number of developers and support jobs and the app economy as a share of each local economy, for each of the five profile countries

Key Questions
  • What challenges will the EU app economy face going forward?
  • What are the trends across professional developers in EU? Which platforms are used and why?
  • Which factors contribute to app revenue growth in the latest years?
  • How do app economy characteristics vary across EU28 countries?
  • What are the key actions to be taken in order to connect developers with enterprise clients in EU28 countries?


SlashData created this report as an update to our research on the state of the EU app economy detailing the impact to jobs, revenues and opportunities. Our findings are based on our Developer Economics survey series, our 8th edition reaching over 8,000 app developers. Estimates are based on our updated forecasts from Q4 2014. We improved our methodology for estimating the developer population and app-related employment and have restated some figures for Q3 2014 based on the new methodology, where relevant. Our previous figures were based on estimates made in mid-2013 and, although we have revised some of our estimates significantly upwards, we believe they are still reasonably conservative compared to our industry peers

Table of Contents
  • European App Economy 2015
  • Number of Global App Developers on Path to Increase by almost 1 M Year-to-Year
  • Growth in Multiple Revenue Models among App Developers
  • EU App Market Not Homogenous
  • Looking forward