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Developer Megatrends H1 2015

Developer Megatrends H1 2015
published on Thursday June 04, 2015
Five key trends in the developer economy

The Developer Megatrends report series distills the major data points and insights from our research into the most important trends in the developer economy. In this 7th edition Megatrends report, we cover app business models and examine how developers can escape the poverty trap. We look at how consumer technology will invade the enterprise, and how data will be at the centre of the most interesting apps in the coming years. We’ll also revisit experience roaming – a trend from 2010 that is now in full swing.

One thing is clear. Developers are a driving force in every industry and a critical source of competitive advantage. Every company should master developer ecosystem skills. Developer Megatrends H1 2015 will shed light on the state of the art in the developer economy.

Key Questions
  • What is the winning app revenue model in revenue terms?
  • How can developers dodge the app poverty trap by targeting a different audience?
  • How is the nature of apps changing?
  • How can Android and iOS leverage their developer base to catch the next technology wave?


Developer Economics is the largest, most global app developer research and engagement program reaching up to 10,000 developers in over 140 countries. Now in its 9th edition, the research program tracks developer experiences across platforms, revenues, apps, tools, APIs, segments and regions. Our Developer Economics research also covers IoT, with the latest survey capturing trends from 4,000+ IoT developers.

Table of Contents
  • Introduction
  • Developers are kingmakers in every industry
  • Developers escape from the app store
  • Developers escape consumer markets
  • Apps escape from screens
  • Platform players escape from mobile