Developer Economics Q3 2014: State of the Developer Nation

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Based on a survey of 10,000+ app developers

Developer Economics is the leading research program on mobile developers and the app economy, tracking developer experiences across platforms, revenues, apps, tools, APIs, segments and regions.

Based on a survey of 10,000+ app developers, the 7th edition Developer Economics: State of the Developer Nation Q3 2014 research report investigates the latest trends and discusses platforms, languages, consumer vs. enterprise revenues, as well as developer tools and segments.


I find your research fascinating, as do the Forbes readers who follow me. You did a fantastic job with Developer Economics Q3 2014

Louis Columbus Columnist at Forbes

Well Done for the comprehensive research, you guys rock!

Yaacov Cohen Co-founder & Social CEO






  • Platform wars go local - Global vs. regional Mindshare
  • Language ranking - Most popular vs. most actively used programming languages
  • Language lock-in - Language mix for Android, iOS, Windows Phone, BlackBerry
  • App monetization - App revenues globally, Android vs. iOS, app revenue split
  • Consumer vs. enterprise - Revenues for developers targeting consumers vs. enterprises
  • Game developers - Revenues for mobile game devs, top platforms and tools
  • Developer tools - Revenues of devs using tools, top tool categories
  • Developer segments - Characteristics, sizes and revenues of the 8 developer segments


On a global level the platform wars are ending with iOS claiming the majority of the high-end device market and Android winning almost everywhere else. Windows Phone continues to gain developer mindshare steadily at 28%.

HTML5 is the most widely used at 42% of developers with Java, the native language on Android, the next most popular at 38%.

A surprisingly high 47% of iOS developers and 42% of Android developers are using something other than the native language on their platforms.

The majority of app businesses are not sustainable at current revenue levels. 50% of iOS developers and 64% of Android developers are below the ‘app poverty line” of $500 per app per month.

67% of mobile app developers primarily target consumers and 11% target professionals directly. The 16% of developers who target enterprises are twice as likely to be earning over $5k per app per month and almost 3 times as likely to earn more than $25k per app per month.

Games dominate app store revenues, yet most games developers struggle. 33% of developers make games but 57% of those games make less than $500 per month.

Third party tools are a critical part of successful app businesses. There’s a strong correlation between tool use and revenues, the more tools a developer uses, the more money they make.

The breakdown of developer segments that target each platform is determined by how well the platforms help them meet their goals. Adoption of iOS amongst Explorers and particularly Hobbyists is limited, while the opposite is true for Windows Phone.


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