About Developer Economics

Developer Economics is the most global independent research on mobile, desktop, IoT, cloud, web, game, AR/VR and machine learning developers and data scientists combined. Our vision at SlashData is to help developers understand the world, and the world understand developers. As part of our research program, we make sure we provide data-based insights to all developers, whether they’re part of our own community or of the global one.

Our surveys reach over 40,000 developers across 160+ countries annually. Developer Economics tracks, among other things, developer experience across platforms, frameworks, languages, and development tools.

About our Data Protection Policy

The information provided by our survey participants and community members is strictly confidential. We use it in an anonymised format to produce aggregated data tables and charts, and to provide trends and market analysis. We do not share, disclose or sell any personal information to any third parties at any time or in any form.

The following data protection policy outlines the kind of information we collect, the ways we use it, with whom it may be shared, as well as our data security processes. The following terms are subject to update and modification at any time as we thrive to constantly improve our data protection policy.

Types of Information we collect and how we use it

  • For all users visiting developereconomics websites and survey pages we collect the following anonymised data: IP address,  browser type, operating system, pageview timestamp, and page clicks/pageviews. It is collected by use of Cookies and Beacons that are not connected  in any way to any personally identifiable information. We use this information to obtain a better understanding of our website page visits and navigation patterns. Our goal is to optimise the user experience of our websites.
  • In addition to the above website usage information, we collect data from our survey respondents. This includes their opinions on tool and platforms, and their development experiences, as well as demographic information, such as base country, educational background, sex, and professional role. None of this data is personally identifiable.
  • Our survey respondents have the option to provide their email address, which is used solely in order to allow respondents to:
    • save and complete the survey at a later time,
    • enter a prize draw of their choice
    • be notified of prize winners and survey results publication
    • provide feedback on their experience with our survey
  • All survey data is stored in AWS S3, Amazon RDS and MongoLab databases, that are all GDPR compliant.
  • Once the survey data has been processed (approximately 30 days after survey closure), we remove the respondents’ IP address.
  • In addition to the respondent’s email address, we may occasionally request additional personally identifiable information, such as, but not limited to, name and surname, phone number, and address. The additional information is used in the context of prize delivery to draw winners, and it is stored in GDPR compliant applications, such as Google apps (Gdocs), Mailchimp, and Typeform. This information is deleted upon conclusion of all survey operations, including all prize draws and prize deliveries to winners, as well as the publication of survey findings.
  • Developereconomics.com users may opt to subscribe to ourDeveloper Economics Community(also known as “the Developer Economics Panel”), in order to be notified about and participate in new surveys. The information we request in this case includes the panel member’s IP address, and personally identifiable data such as their email address, their name and surname, and their social media accounts. On top of the provided panelists’ personal data, we maintain information related to their survey activity, such as the number of surveys they have participated in, and the loyalty points they have collected as a result of this activity. This data is stored and processed in GDPR compliant applications, namely Gdocs, Dropbox, and Mailchimp. Under no circumstances is this information shared with any 3rd parties.
  • While our surveys are running, and as part of our Referral program, we incentivise respondents to invite their developer friends to participate in our survey by offering them monetary rewards. Referral program participants provide us with their name and surname, their email address and country of origin, while we also collect their IP address. Referees who are eligible for monetary rewards provide also their Paypal or Bank account details. This information is stored and processed in GDPR compliant applications, namely Gdocs, Dropbox and Mailchimp. Given the Referrers’ consent, we maintain their data  for 24 months, so as to invite them to participate in future surveys . Under no circumstances is this information shared with any 3rd parties.
  • Irrespective of survey participation, Developereconomics.com users may opt-in to receive news and updates by subscribing to ournewsletter. The information required in order to receive such updates includes email, name and surname, role and organization category (such as meetup, or vendor). This information is stored and processed in GDPR compliant applications, namely Gdocs, Dropbox and Mailchimp. Under no circumstances is this information shared with any 3rd parties.

How do you share the information you collect?

  • We do not share or disclose any of the  personally identifiable information we collect with third parties. The only exception would be for cases requiring us to process your to comply with a legal obligation
  • Our technology and services suppliers, as well as our associates and personnel occasionally have access to the data outlined above. We limit the data shared to the information required for the execution of any of their tasks related to the surveys and our survey-based products and services. A data protection and confidentiality clause is always included in our supplier, associate, and personnel contracts and agreements.
  • To safeguard website user, client, and survey respondent data across all our performed functions, we have assessed all partners for GDPR compliance, and continue to do business with those who have taken or are currently taking action to be GDPR compliant.

What are your policies on data security and data removal and/or unsubscription ?

  • Our data is stored in databases that reside on cloud maintained by GDPR compliant providers. We use data protection software to protect information held in our servers, and security system software to protect data kept on personnel equipment. We also require all personnel to abide by our privacy policy.
  • Survey participants and referrers, community members and newsletter subscribers who wish to be informed about their data kept in our databases and applications can do so by emailing us atprivacy@slashdata.co