June 29, 2016
Developer Tools Survey – Winners

Welcome to the full rundown of the Developer Economics: Developer Tools Benchmarking (April-May 2016) prize winners. Below you’ll find a table comprised of both the email addresses and countries of all the people that won (the emails are obfuscated for security reasons).

Winners have already been notified by email – if you recognise the email fragment as yours and we haven’t contacted you, please drop us an email at

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Survey Prize Winners

Email Prize Country
v*si**m**i*e@pa**l*onp*** Lumia 635 United Kingdom
re*** Lumia 635 Russia
h*n*okos** Windows IoT dev kits Indonesia
t**as*aj** Windows IoT dev kits Hungary
s***i.t**ral** BQ Aquaris M10 – Ubuntu Edition Tablet The Netherlands
e*@po***hed-pi** Fossil Watch United States
jar*ds*i*h*** Frontend Masters United States
r*ngle** Balsamiq Desktop United States
ti***a*ti* Wearables TechCon 2016 – All access pass $645 United States
j**oda*d@ch**ke* AnDevCon United States
r*d*ar* GMIC Bangalore 16-17 November Gold pass $200 India
aca*l** iPhone 6S United States
am*** Nexus 6P United Kingdom
a*i*u* Xperia Z5 India
fu** Choice of Jetbrains IDE up to $300 India
x*c*c*i*96** BlackBerry PRIV Italy
m*i**y** MS Surface 3 tablet United States
ghl****r* Sublime 3 text license Canada
j*n**vid@sch** Intel Galileo Gen 2 Board United States
m*r*st*7* Raspberry Pi 3 wi-fi edition Italy
ch***i*s*n* Developer T-shirts Malaysia
1*3**033* Developer T-shirts China
tata** Developer T-shirts Poland
dra*****ig*t1*21** Developer T-shirts Vietnam
m*sr*ca* Developer T-shirts El Salvador
alek***.ma*ar* Developer T-shirts Russian Federation
a*d**ns**h***** Developer T-shirts Indonesia
t*u*gv*@an** Developer T-shirts Vietnam
e*en**0* Developer T-shirts Colombia
u**** Developer T-shirts United States

Panel Prize Winners

Email Prize
hla*** GoPro Hero Session camera
al*i**l*ur*c* GoPro Hero Session camera
d*v@drea** WD My Passport Ultra 3TB
mryo82* WD My Passport Ultra 3TB
ben*a*** WD My Passport Ultra 3TB
a**ng5** WD My Passport Ultra 3TB
d*ogo*** WD My Passport Ultra 3TB
kma*du* Udemy courses of your choice (up to $80 USD)
si*e*****el***r*con**ic*.c*m@ru**ell.mat** Udemy courses of your choice (up to $80 USD)
tr*nt**ntru**l**t* Udemy courses of your choice (up to $80 USD)
h**kon2** Udemy courses of your choice (up to $80 USD)
huy**ie*25* Udemy courses of your choice (up to $80 USD)
a**x***er.ra**rd* Udemy courses of your choice (up to $80 USD)
em*r*o*** Udemy courses of your choice (up to $80 USD)
i*** Udemy courses of your choice (up to $80 USD)
31**8**5* Udemy courses of your choice (up to $80 USD)
hhp*z* Udemy courses of your choice (up to $80 USD)

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