George Psistakis

George is co-founder of Apirise, an environment where you can modify the behavior of an API to the context of your application. He is a lousy singer and painter. Project Manager during day and startuper at night. Scrum Master, co-organizer of the local Agile and API Athens meetups and a bit of coder. Juggling his two kids, runner, boardgamer and Tyrion fan.

George Psistakis

API Management tools: How to find the one for you

API management is an important piece of the API Strategy puzzle. The existing solutions vary greatly both in features and technical implementation. There is no one size fits all - best choice depends on the requirements of your organization. Let’s attempt to scratch the surface of API Management.

Agile tools for the Samurai Coder

Scrum, Kanban, XP, pair programming, Agile, we have all heard these terms. The question is can you use the agile way while working on your own? Here’s a simple way to start and three tools to help you change the way you do things.