George Karavias

George Karavias is co-founder of Anlock that has released more than 50 kids’ educational apps over the past two years. Both Microsoft and Apple have featured Anlock apps and one of them has even been installed on Jessica Alba’s Windows Phone airing across all major US networks. Anlock is currently incubated at the Microsoft Innovation Center. George is also heading App Friday; a weekly promotion that highlights educational apps published each week.

George Karavias

Developer Corner: Why successful indie developers are becoming a dying breed

I started developing iOS apps 5 years ago, which can be loosely equated to 50 years in a different, non-tech industry, where the pace of growth is much slower. As a sign of the warp speed at which things are moving within the app economy, simply consider that when I started back in 2010 there were only 300.000 apps and those were only in the Apple App Store;

Kids' Educational Apps - An Indie Dev's Final Frontier

[Geroge Karavias, co-founder of Anlock, shares his experiences in marketing kids' educational apps and proposes a survivor kit to keep in mind when navigating the treacherous waters of this category.] You might have started thinking that putting together an educational app may not be such a bad idea, I mean how hard can it be? Of the App Store’s top 200 paid list of iPad educational apps, 70% are kids’ educational apps. Out of these, roughly 80% are by independent developers...