Ciprian Borodescu

Ciprian is the CEO and Co-founder of Webcrumbz, the company behind – a mobile content distribution and monetization platform for small and medium publishers completely based around the concept of Open Web and HTML5. He is a young Romanian entrepreneur with a technical background. He is workaholic, idealistic, passionate about HTML5 and a nice guy in general ;)

Ciprian Borodescu

4 out of 10 sites unaware of the Google's new Mobile Ranking Signal

A variety of mobile devices have flooded the Web in the past years. To no one's surprise, Google announced that starting April 21st, they'll expand the use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal, in fact penalizing all sites that don't have a mobile strategy - dubbed “Mobilegeddon” in the recent press.

Websites vs Web apps: What the experts think

The term “web app” has been around for the past years – we've all heard it and used it more times than we care to remember. Yet there remains a debate on where “web sites” end, and “web apps” begin. Ciprian Borodescu, CEO and Co-founder of Webcrumbz, presents the opinions of several prominent figures in the web technology domain and discusses the 'app-ification' of the web.