Eric the Viking

Meet Eric, the newest member of our Developer Economics family. Eric is a Viking coder, meaning he’s a master of both the greataxe and the open source platform.

How did a viking end up coding in the 21st century? He got trapped in ice and froze inside a cave for...well almost forever. When he awoke a few years back, he quickly found out that his excellent plundering skills were not enough to get him ahead in terms of finding a job.

His roommate at the time worked for a tech company, and persuaded Eric to take a few classes on computer programming. Thinking it would increase his chances of finding a job, Eric accepted, and shortly after, even applied for a summer internship at Microsoft. Needless to say, Eric got accepted, and the rest is history.

Eric was hooked! His hard-headed Viking stubbornness and his eagerness to learn the ways of the new world, gave him the edge needed to completely stand out in future job interviews. He worked in several companies throughout the U.S, and just recently decided that he wanted to give Europe a shot as well. That’s where his story with SlashData begins!

Now a U.K. citizen, Eric works with the SlashData team to help programmers with any questions they might have about their current projects. When he’s not working on improving his fighting skills, he’s working on tracking developer tools every minute, every hour, every day.